11 Responses to “She see you rollin’, she hatin’”

  1. -t

    my whippet is the same way. It’s only as she’s gotten older (she’s 13 now), that it’s calmed down. She’ll bark and chase anything with wheels, though now she just *tries to* chase them… I feel your pain.

  2. Ashley M

    My two long haired Chihuahuas are the same way omg! 🙂 She’s just scared! 😉

  3. Christina A.

    As someone who has a wheelchair, I’ve come across enough dogs which go into a frenzy (or are terrified) of my wheelchair – I’m used to it, and not at all offended. 😉

  4. Lyn P

    You should try vacuuming with a dog that attacks the monster and tries to bite its wheels off!!

  5. Stephanie

    My German shepherd/rottweiler mix goes BALLISTIC when baby strollers go by the window. But that strange man walking through our yard with the large hose (to fill the propane tank), eh, no problem!

  6. Grumpy

    The wheel conspiracy is up to no good and June is just trying to protect her family.

  7. Dana

    My Walker hound can’t stand some wheel sounds (skateboards and scooters are the WORST!) but he is a fan of the flight as opposed to the fight. He has backed out of his Halti trying to get away, so I know I have to step up my game and hold on tight.

  8. catie

    Whenever my Min Pin hears a car driving on gravel, he goes nuts. Go figure my neighbor has a gravel driveway! Plus he barks if he hears a car horn, or if someone walks down “his” street!

  9. springacres

    My coonhound mix is the same way! (Well… mostly. She’s gotten better around UPS and FedEx trucks, for the most part. I think she’s just mad their drivers don’t give her treats like she has trained our mail carriers to do.)


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