9 Responses to “Was that your tax return? Oops.”

  1. Kristen

    Based on his neckwear I would guess there is something he’d rather be chewing on. The mail was second choice. What a sweet face!

  2. Smartypants

    Those are some impressive ears! What a cutie. And just think, now you won’t have to buy a paper shredder.

  3. Dachshund Mom

    It was an act of revenge for making the poor little one wear the Cone of Shame.

  4. Anders

    Funny thing – in Swedish a dachshund is called a Tax so that was truly a ‘tax return’ 🙂

  5. springacres

    It must be a hound thing – my coonhound mix Callie does the same sort of thing with my trash! (but only if it contains goodies like used Kleenex or food wrappers…)


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