12 Responses to “We Got @BarkBox Mail!!”

  1. Pittie Mom

    What beautiful pups… and so smart because they knew the BarkBox was for them.

  2. vicki d

    it looks like they were just trying to save you some time! they look very capable! obviously bark box is irresistible!

  3. Gena

    LOL! At Christmas my dog unwraps her presents. She just knows which are hers. Same here. They knew it was for them and dug in. 🙂

  4. tj4evr

    I had never heard of Bark Box until this. I don’t have “barks” but it led me to Meow Box. My boys knew it was for them and I could barely get the box open before they stole something out of it.

  5. Jordan rice

    Alt bark box @barkbox open a barkbox GET MORE!!!!!
    Did you want to open it
    What was in it


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