11 Responses to “Won’t you be my neighbour?”

  1. DogMom

    well, it’s a good way to test if the new neighbors are friendly…..So, thanks Zeus!

  2. RDiddy

    He looks a lot like our dog. Our dog would totally jump in a neighbor’s car. Car rides are awesome.

  3. Jan

    I don’t think getting dirty is white dog syndrome, I think it’s dog syndrome. Dirty is sexy.

  4. Pittie Mom

    Zeus, you are one handsome pup…and so friendly with your new neighbor pup, what a good guy you are. You can jump into my car anytime to say hi to my girl.

  5. quantakiran

    lol! Now I have the aussie soapie “Neighbours” theme song in my head! Sing with me, Zeus!

    “Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours with a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend… cos good neighbours become good friends!!”” tralalalaa!


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