24 Responses to “Ball Buster”

  1. Ann

    HAHAAAHAHA well you are kind of right, I’m pretty sure your dad will squeak if you bite them 😀

  2. Nay

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!! So damn funny because that face is just innocence personified.

  3. Ann Y.

    Thanks for the great laugh, I sure needed it! This is one of the best shamings 🙂

  4. Shannon

    I was having such a horrible day and this just made me smile (read: laugh out loud). Thank you. lmao

  5. MabelLou Brown

    A Doxie owner’s biggest job is keeping their ears turned correctly. Takes a lot of time if you do it right! LOL

  6. Jennie

    Diet coke shot out of my nose with that one. I really should not read these while drinking soda pop.

  7. Sheryl

    He looks like our Rat Terrier X (Spencer) inside out ear and woe begotten look perfected!!! Who should have an entire chapter of his own dog shaming…waiting for the ‘perfect’ post…stay tuned!

  8. Kari

    HA HA this is the MOST Unique funniest thing I ever seen you woulda bite your daddy’s balls… I am sooo sorry Dad, sure made me laugh and made my day!


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