7 Responses to “Charlie goes fishing”

  1. Aramat

    Ha, Ha. At first, I thought the submarine decoration directly behind his head was a fish looking menacingly at your little fish food filching friend.

  2. Juls

    “Sorry, Charlie!” (couldn’t resist – Baby Boomers will know what I’m referring to! 🙂 ) Hey, fish are part of the pack, right?

  3. Katherine

    My service dog George loves to go to the aquarium. Especially the tanks with fish as big or bigger then he is. (He’s an 11 lbs Bichon)

  4. sharon

    At least he didn’t eat the fish. My chocolate labradoodle Charlie would have eaten the fish as she’s a monster.

  5. c

    When we first moved into our house, I used to go out to the dock and catch fish for my Pound Puppy Willy. He was FASCINATED by them…would get a good sniff and examination of them before I released them. To this day, he likes to go out and watch them in the canal.


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