14 Responses to “I terrified the delivery guy!”

    • panda

      OMG me too Elizabeth i bet it would’ve been funny as heck! Poor guy will never deliver to them again 🙁 but look at that beautiful face how could anyone not like a big goofy English bulldog

    • Elphie's dad

      Yes, Erin, she is named after the green witch. And while she is a big sweetie most of the time, she does have her wicked moments!

  1. andycanuck

    I’m sure she’s an ole softie but you must admit her lower teeth sticking out like that do look a bit scary.

  2. Dr. ABC

    Elphie, just go back and apologize. (singing) you can still have the gizzard, what you’ve worked and waited for…

  3. jodi

    Pretty sure UPS has a note in their computer just just throw our stuff on the front step. My pug mix has escaped the house more then once and jumped on the delivery people. Perhaps if she didn’t run full force screaming like a banshee they wouldn’t have the look of terror

    • Smartypants

      Oh yes, the ‘pug scream’ – I imagine that would be startling if you weren’t expecting it!

  4. Lee

    Sitting here trying not to laugh, I can just see the delivery man screaming, It reminds me of my dog,


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