8 Responses to “Pool open for the season…err…maybe not.”

  1. Ashley M

    Better to get a hard plastic pool 🙂 . It will last a little longer lol she obviously loved it

  2. C.kopel

    The operative phase in the prior comment is “a little longer”. I thought a hard plastic pool was the perfect solution. It lasted 3 days. Oh, cholclate labs, you gotta love em.

  3. Jan

    I love the look: “Who did this?? Who wrecked my pool? Where did that hole come from?”

  4. PeanutPup

    Awww she looks so sad..she was only trying to smooth out the bottom and didn’t realize that she needed a mani-pedi. What an adorable dog, you can’t be mad at her, she’s too cute. Plus, she can’t go swimming now.. poor baby

  5. Jessics C.

    My yellow lab chewed thru the plastic pool in less then an hour after getting it. We bought a large metal watering bucket for cattle and problem solved. Now the yellow lab is out of the dog house with her black and chocolate sisters.


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