13 Responses to “Kibble flavoured underwear”

  1. Julie

    My toy fox terror used to chow down on my children’s dirty undies and socks. He had no shame at all. Thank goodness he finally outgrew that nasty and rather expensive habit lol

  2. corinnaschicker

    Loving the “Who – ME?” expression too! And “blue” commentator: underpants, underwear, panties – seeing that this is a site for people posting their dog’s “naughties” your point is…

  3. Susie

    Ha! Love that side eye! And yes, it’s ok to call them panties, even for kids.

  4. Nic

    oh! Here I thought the description was talking about the AGE of the panties being 7 years old, rather than them belonging to a 7 yr old. Either way- this shaming is hilarious and the pup is so freakin cute! (P.S. Dogs always love the panties…any kind!)

  5. AJ

    My Minnie Aussie does the same thing! She drags my panties out of the hamper to cover her food bowl. She noses them around until there is a gap in the panties where she can get food out..she will use a shirt or socks in a pinch.

  6. nitaapple

    Well, it is nice they’ve come out the other side, sometimes they can get stuck, and then the panties get very very expensive. if you give that pup, some hydgrogen preoxcide he’ll throw those things up. Much safer then risking them getting stuck. Plus, might lessen the joy of eating them, if he has thrown up a pair or two. 🙂

  7. Smartypants

    Oh dear! And look at that side-eye…he’s probably looking for a tasty undershirt!

  8. Rachael

    What kind of dog is that? I have a pooch that looks very similar and I don’t know what he is!


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