15 Responses to “Le Loving Papillon”

  1. Linda

    Both my chihuahua will do the same thing even if I move my head from side to side it’s tongue will follow.

  2. Erica

    My miniature dachshund does the same and can even lick into your ears! As my 8-year-old says, “Help, she’s licking my brain!!!”

  3. Ashley M

    Same with my Chihuahua. His name is Tai. He’s not big on kisses, but when he’s in the mood it’s nostrils and frenchies haha

  4. diana

    same with my cavalier, ALL cavaliers actually! in fact do i detect a touch of cavalier in this papillon?! when my daughter gets home from school he will floor her and stand on her chest while he attacks her with kisses – he will get to any facial feature, as long as it’s within the range of his tongue!!!

  5. Smartypants

    She says “ze Papillon is a French dog, so I must give ze French kiss!”

    By the way, I love the antique crates in the background!

  6. Lyn

    I have a Papi-Poo and he does the same thing and oh so delicately and gently! Must be a Papillion thing πŸ˜‰

    • Linda Ramert

      I have two of this little dogs. The 15 lb little girls can hardly wait for bedtime when I am horizontal and with in the reach of her little pink tongue. She has also claimed our 100 lb mastic mix and spends a lot of time trying to keep his tonsils clean. But she and her mom are so cute.

  7. Sandie

    My late beagle, Petey, once frenched the vet. Too bad for the vet… they found out Petey had worms.


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