13 Responses to “Miss “sleeps on furniture””

  1. Tina

    Her family is wrong. If they want an immaculate house, they shouldn’t have a dog….especially a beagle!

  2. Allison Lane

    We have one just the same! Beagles are always up to mischief when your back’s turned – wouldn’t have them any other way!

  3. Mo Graff

    I think I own her brother….he NEVER gets on furniture, even if u coax him…but come home unexpectedly, and there he is looking all guilty….:-)

  4. B

    Yip…. I have a beagle and a coonhound. Right now both are snoring away on the couch, or wherever they like. Spoiled rotten. Why else would I have a dog? 😉

  5. Gekko

    Of course they are allowed on the furniture. And this dog is a good example of why you shouldn’t even bother trying. Not only that, one of my current dogs (small) sleeps under the covers with me. My first dog, a Pug, also used to sleep with me, going so far as to use one of the pillows, too!


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