19 Responses to “Neighbourhood Bully”

  1. Joyce

    How in the world did you get the cat to sit like that long enough to take a picture!

  2. Jesyca

    Joyce he beats up all the dogs in his neighborhood
    . What does he care about a sign lol !!

  3. Dee

    Oh my gosh….he looks so much like my daughter’s cat, Caspian, and he’s a bully too!

  4. Ian

    My dog is terrified of our older cat. Sometimes they play but most of the time he just has to stare at her to get her to whine

  5. Tracy

    I had one cat that beat up all the dogs in the neighborhood. Two at one time once. A basset hound and a boston terrier were picking on his best friend. So he attacked them and chased them back home. The poor boston terrier was terrified to go outside for weeks after that. My other cat at the time gave the neighborhood dogs hugs. They were a funny duo

  6. toledo1967

    My old cat, attacked my daughters friends, old pitbull in our back yard, we rushed the sweet old pit inside, while the cat screamed and threw himself at the door, poor dog was so scared, man was our cat mad..


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