13 Responses to “This is why people say cats have no shame”

    • Titan

      Because humans are hopeful. Cats are assholes…yet people still love them. End of story.

  1. Jess

    I’m not sure why you would put an iPad on the stairwell. But you’re right he doesn’t look the least bit ashamed

  2. tj4evr

    The make special wheels, similar to hamster wheels, just for bengals to run off extra energy. Maybe this will help this little guy. Saw it on a couple episodes of My Cat from Hell.

  3. Leanna

    We leave everything on the stairwell. It’s a convenience. It’s a habit. 3 dogs.. 2 cats… We’ve seen a few things come and go. It doesn’t matter. The cats open drawers… And closets. Careful or not… There’s no hope!!! Lol


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