7 Responses to “No Shhh- Sherlock!”

  1. Grumpy

    You know who’d love this? Mom and Dad! The little guy is just trying to share…

  2. Nicole

    Oh yeah! Typical beagle :)) I don’t quite understand it, but our Napoleon loves it too!!

  3. Geoff H

    My beagle LOVES cat poo. Yuck. Nothing like cat poo kisses. We give him a cracker with a ton of peanut butter on it. It makes him lick his lips and drink lots if water. Pb kisses and breath are better than poo.

  4. Nay

    As the owner of two beagle boys, that is one handsome little dude. With a name like Sherlock, he’s just sniffing out the scene and alerting his humans as to his dietary tastes.


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