25 Responses to “NOT Mommy’s Little Helper”

  1. Jan

    I feel your pain. Mine likes to be at door thresholds, at the base of the couch or bed so you can’t get up, basically anywhere that is right in the centre of the action, the more people that trip on him the better!

  2. Janette

    Mine does the same thing! Unless she’s in front of the fridge, I’m the one that has to adjust!

  3. Grumpy

    Close to the fridge, close to the sink, close to dropped food, the tile is probably pretty cool to lay on….everything revolves around Murray.

  4. Alice Corkill

    We call our Newfie “Lumpy” when she behaves like this. Or sometimes we call her “Lays Like Lump.” Ours especially likes to lay in front of the front door – – at just the right spot so you can’t get it open. Gotta love the Newfies!!!!

  5. noelle

    I’ve got a mix and a sheepdog who both like to like to lie/sit by the stove or sink. Supper is always a challenge.

  6. kmaurer113

    This must be a big fluffy dog thing….my saint bernard is the same exact way. In front of the sink when I’m trying to do dishes, in front of the dishwasher when I’m trying to load it, in front of the tub when I’m trying to get into the shower. They just want us to all know they’re there I guess!! Silly fluffs!

  7. Corrupt

    The picture made me laugh and the responses made me giggle…. Dogs are better than any kind of comedy show… and they are even better when they don’t belong to me!!!!

  8. Morgan

    This site makes me smile every time!

    I’m at college and living away from my 5 (yes! 5!) family dogs who ALL like to be in the kitchen! They hog up all of the floor space. It’s a game trying to get from one side of the kitchen to the other, but they’ll be right there if you drop anything on the floor!

  9. quantakiran

    “”Mom, take the hint! Buy a dishwasher!! Then I can give it a pre-rinse and you have a tonne more time to spend with me!!!!


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