19 Responses to “We could have gone to Vegas with that amount of money!”

  1. Banana

    They’ll pay you back in steady quotes of love and loyalty, I am sure! 🙂 They are lucky to have such a caring mom.

  2. Mo Graff

    are these Labs or liver colored GSPs…we had a GSP that chewe
    d everything in sight ( even stuff not in sight)

  3. Kimm Ranger

    GSPs are active dogs. I just got one. Yours are so sweet and trouble makers too. Got to love them. Mime is only 11 weeks old, so I have years of dog shaming to come.

  4. Tracy

    Woof – my Mom and Dad just spent $3800 on me, getting my urethra and bladder cleaned out, I had stones – lots of ’em. I had to wear a cone too guys….they do come off, eventually. Hope you feel better soon. Woof!!!!

  5. Pamela

    Ruby’ s MRSA = $500.00
    Ellie’s surgery =$1500.00

    Ellie, Sipsy, Ruby shots and boosters = $ 535.00

    We understand. Everyone get better.

  6. tif

    Oh jees this picture makes me laugh. Our dog did the same thing with a bottle of tylonel … feels good to know we are not alone! Silly fur babies, gotta love em!

  7. Rachel

    I just had my apricot toy poodle’s teeth cleaned. She needed several removed, so I needed to get painkillers and antiobiotics for her. Oh, and let’s not forget the blood panel before the teeth cleaning. In addition, she also needed a bortadella shot and a heartworm test – $682…!

  8. shelley

    I’ve lost count of the amount of money my two fur babies have cost me… I worked out at one point we could’ve gone to Disney World Florida….. And I live in the UK! Thousands of pounds :-O

  9. Susan

    My baby spent a long weekend at the emergency vet. My husband carelessly left a big bowl of grapes out! Our bill was close to $800, but we never questioned the necessity of it. These are our babies for life.

  10. Duh

    Yup. That’s what happen to me once. Jake the doggie had surgery and had a bottle of Rimadyl, and Buddy the other doggie ate all of them. Spend the night eating charcoal at the vet and pooped little briquettes for the next couple of days.

  11. Kizzy

    I’m not going to complain about my trash eating dog again! No extra vet bills here!

  12. Jordan rice

    How did Sheba broke her leg plus if they do something naughty lock them in the bathroom don’t put a cone of shame on them


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