17 Responses to “Nutcracker”

  1. DogMom

    Oh,my! I just laughed so hard…..well written… And beautiful nutcracker!

  2. Ann

    Clearly he is a Golden-doodle. I own one and beleive this may be a breed trait. Until at least age 4-5

  3. Jan

    Laughing until I cried (LUIC). Thank you, had a bad day and you just cheered me up. Also, perhaps a co-incidence, but so far I think it’s all women who have responded 🙂

  4. Krystal Landsaw

    My mom’s pit mix liked to do that, only he didn’t headbutt, he jumped with both front paws. He apparently figured out how to make human squeaky toys :).

  5. quantakiran

    Supernatural reference jumped into my mind: thick Japanese accent, “George Doge is Nutcracker Champion”. roflmao!


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