15 Responses to “Princess Poops Propulsion Pooch”

  1. Shawn

    Oh, Honey….a lot of us will do the same thing when we get to your ripe old age….bless your parents for “finding” it for you….xoxoxo

  2. April

    No matter what a Bassett does they are the greatest. Just ask my spoiled cleo.lol

  3. stella

    During the last year of my golden retriever’s life – he was 13 at the time – he would leave poops on the carpet. I don’t think he realized it, as his sense of smell had diminished greatly by then. I think his hips were old (he didn’t limp at all but got up slowly) and the stomach muscles he needed to help stand up were also the muscles used to poop. He was such a good boy and would have never done it if he couldn’t help it. We never got mad at him (I would even clean them up discretely, so he wouldn’t feel bad).

    I hope Miss Maggie has many more years of going up the stairs. You can clean/replace the carpet on the stairs later.

  4. Sue

    Our Aussie Shepherd mix is going to be 14 in June and she’s doing the same thing, poor old girl. You can tell she feels bad, so we do the same- clean it up and don’t make her feel worse. It’ll be a sad day when we don’t have to clean up after her.

  5. Smartypants

    I love that you take care to not embarrass your pooping senior pups, instead of getting impatient. Have you got some of that enzyme spray? (one brand is “Anti-Icky-Poo”, but there are others) – get a bottle of the unscented kind and it’ll be like nothing ever happened. Sending a gentle hug & a pat to all the senior pups!


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