11 Responses to “The Ring of Fire”

  1. Heather

    Your farts may be bad, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming. That will REALLY be the ring of fire. Poor pup, don’t eat those peppers!

  2. Jan

    The yoghurt is a good idea – I add some plain yoghurt every time mine gets farty. That handsome boy must’ve eaten all 6 in one go, otherwise you’d think he’d stop at one. Well I hope he made the association between jalapeno and feeling like that. Poor puppers, I’ve accidentally over-dosed on hot stuff too. Ring of fire indeed.

  3. Holen

    Next time, if you catch it fast enough, make him throw up with hydrogen peroxide….saves the tummy! I had to do it when my dog ate a whole packet of gum with xylitol….

  4. Cassidy's mom

    We had a dog once that did the same thing! Every time the poor thing went poop for the next few days she would yelp!


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