15 Responses to “Roof! Roof!”

    • Beth

      Kathy it was a joke yesterday. And I don’t see how we could get any closer. That’s a dog….

    • Juls

      That’s a dog (and a pretty clever one at that). How much closer do you want to get? 🙂

  1. Elisa Frye

    Ugh, we had a cat who did that once. She wasn’t ashamed, either. What a pain.

    • Stella

      Elisa – I was at my sister’s house one day and we looked out the window and saw her cat on to of the neighbors roof – 2 stories high! We have no idea how she got there – no trees nearby, nothing close enough of jump from.

      (By the way, my other sister’s name is Elisa)

  2. Jan

    Nice neighbour!! And good shaming. Thanks. PS also enjoyed yesterday’s ‘joke’ shamings.

  3. Penny

    I love shibas . Loves to get into trouble. He doesn’t look one but ashamed, quite proud of himself!!!
    “Look what I can do !”

  4. Nay

    Is he a sticky beaking pooch? Likes to be up high to keep an eye on the neighbourhood? Love the smug look on his face!

  5. Grumpy

    How else can a guard dog guard the property if he doesn’t have the proper vantage point to observe potential intruders?


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