8 Responses to “Rotten Tomatoes Review: 2 paws way down”

  1. Keri

    My Mom’s lab is a tomato thief too. She first steals the ripe ones. Then the ripening ones. Then the green ones. Then she pukes in the bedroom floor.

  2. Nancy

    My Alaskan Malamute, Malorie use to raid my garden. I would find squash stem nubs, tomato juice, and green bean hulls all over my patio. I miss that old gal.

  3. L. A.

    Mom and Dad, it’s your fault! Having had an Airedale for nearly 18 years, you’re shaming the Airedale? (By the way, your sweet Airedale agrees with me… they are nearest to perfection you know…ask them, they’ll “tell” you…) Hugs and kisses to the Airedale, and calve’s liver too… ;<)

  4. Kari

    I always get a hard time about my little Airehead Terror from my lab owning friends and family but I always took solace in the fact that labs are shamed almost daily on here and I have never seen an Airedale, which obviously means they are better behaved (or too smart to get caught). I suppose I must retract that now.


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