14 Responses to “Shoo flea, don’t bother me”

  1. LauraC

    They now make chewable flea preventatives! We will be trying them in a couple of months, after we use up the liquid topical ones that we have left. I have to admit, it will be nice to not have dogs with oily backs for a whole day after each application.

  2. Nay

    I’ve never liked the oil-on-the-back application and instead use the oral meds. That said, Sweetie’s pouty princess reaction is hilarious!

  3. Beckra

    Don’t know if it works this way with dogs, but my cat hated the neck flea meds and eventually they made her seriously ill. My other cat had no problem with them. Does Sweetie act like the meds burn her skin?

  4. hcgree

    I agree with Beckra. My dog used to act as if the flea/tick preventative was hurting her and hated it (hartz ultragard), but when we switched to another formula (advantage II or trifecta) she stopped freaking out over it.


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