8 Responses to “Staffies, softer than you think!”

  1. TiredGeezerLady

    What a sweet, gentle-looking soul. My friend had a rottie who stayed with us for 3 weeks once. She slept right next to us and became a member of our pack. If these super-strong breeds are treated right, they treat you right back.

  2. gc

    this is an exact twin of my Basil — down to the white on the paws and the chest; and those beautiful gentle eyes. we always thought there was Rhodesian Ridgeback in him A great picture and a wonderful dog. More than one person has called my dog a “gentle-looking soul”. what a nice complement i always think.

  3. jennifer

    My rescue pit mix will eat your heart out with snuggles and love! There isn’t a mean bone in her excited body! She is love-a-bull!

  4. Sarah Wheeler

    Amber is gorgeous, I love Staffies sooooooo much, we lost our little Staff Florence in 2012 at the grand old age of 16, she was one in a million and I still miss her everyday.
    They are amazing dogs, wish they didnt have such a bad reputation as they dont deserve it.


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