30 Responses to “Taste Test”

  1. Mella Jacobs

    So just take a picture of the empty plate and Boones’ happy face and describe the rice pilaf and give it 2 dewclaws up from Boone!

  2. george

    Gotta side with the dog on his one….. if it’s on the floor, it’s the dogs.

  3. chris

    Sorry about the food, but you got a perfect pic of Boone. That should be testament to the deliciousness of the pilaf. I hope you used it in your blog.

    • Smartypants

      I’m with Chris, it’s a terrific picture and Boone is a cutie – you should def. put it on your blog…along with a second batch of pilaf!

  4. Maria

    Really? Your mum left the food unattended on the floor and expected you to behave? She is a naive lady, isn’t she?

  5. D Forbes

    Poor Boone! With my dogs when food hits the floor, it’s gone in a nano second.

  6. Molly

    Aww, he looks very sorry. I have to agree though – if it’s on the floor, it belongs to the dog!

  7. Eve

    Yes I agree with Boone – It was on the floor so it was obviously meant for him. Floor is the dog’s food around my house. Do love the picture! LOL

  8. WantADogWaitingForOlderKids

    The floor… Mom that’s confusing.
    I think this is mom moment .. Don’t a dog shame.

    I left the paints in the kids bedroom, and they got the paints out without permission and made mess.

    Total mom moment 😉


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