The $20,000 dog | Dog Shaming



Cooper’s grandma Cari sent this in. Her son’s pup Cooper got into a bit of mischief, so in the meantime, she’s taking advantage of her dog-sitting duties to train this coonhound to find missing people! Oh, and also shame him, of course! Way to atone for your sins, Coop!

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7 Responses to “The $20,000 dog”

  1. Nic

    Maybe this little mishap was the universe’s way of helping to save missing people by sending Cooper grandma’s way! Sometimes bad things really ARE good

  2. Corrupt

    On the bright side 20 grand is much cheaper than raising children! Grandma can’t train children to hunt for missing people….

    • Setbland

      Well she could.,. But it might not be too effective until they knew how to drive and use google

  3. Brooke Barnhart

    such a good grandma for sending this in 🙂 lol. Enjoy living with your grandma


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