7 Responses to “The “Barker””

  1. Amy Nemirow

    As a person who lives with a pug, I can’t help but notice, there are an awful lot of opportunities for dog-shaming from the pug people. Hmmm, I wonder why! LOL


    He is showing just how much he cares by sticking his tongue out for his mug shot.

  3. Elloello

    My baby, Jasper-a 12 yr old pug- passed in September. I miss his throaty, froggy bark so much!!!!!

  4. Cara

    We had a pug who barked at nothing more and more the older he got. You know dogs can become senile when they are old. So sad.

  5. Suzy

    We call that “barking at dead people” and yes, our pug does it all. the. time.


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