7 Responses to “The Cobbler 2: The wreckoning”

  1. czechsmix

    Sounds like you need to train your Mom not to leave her shoes (pricey or otherwise) near you.

  2. Buttons

    Plus one 🙂 I don’t like the “jerk” description people use.. Lets boycott that!!

  3. Cawo L

    I once babysat my friend’s dog. She ate my new favorite shoes and an expensive make-up brush. She’d wake me up in the morning with the sound of whatever she was chewing on breaking in pieces. She really had issues. If it was my dog, I would have needed Caesar’s help.

  4. Keri

    You should both be wearing signs. Pug is a jerk, Mom is careless with Louboutins. Not sure which is the greater crime. Lol.


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