11 Responses to “The Tub Tinkler!”

  1. DogMom

    Look at the responses to the previous two pictures, then look at a calendar. You’ll figure out the “baby shaming”……

  2. T'laryth Phalyn

    It’s April Fool’s Day, folks. Calm down. Surely you can take a joke and chill out for a day.

  3. jess777

    There was an earlier post stating they were doing this, my guess is its an April fools joke. All you cranky baby haters just hush, I’m sure we will be back to our regularly scheduled cat poop, garbage, and crotch of underwear eating dog shaming pics soon enough. They are just babies it wohldnt kill you to laugh at them they are cute too !

  4. PGee

    There are disturbing number of people in this world who need to work harder on finding a sense of humour.

  5. ks

    Jesus people…it’s April Fools. Calm down. Seriously. One day of cute babies won’t hurt anyone.


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