20 Responses to “Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever”

  1. Carl

    My hound screams like somebody is poking his eyes out with a fork, at a volume that can be heard from space when he is cruelly abandoned outside Starbucks for 4 min so I can buy a frappe chino!

  2. Deborah

    What a diva šŸ™‚ most of us Nova Scotian girls aren’t that high maintenance. She is darn cute though.

  3. Lindsay

    IT’S A TOLLER!! Not a duck troller, dove totaller, duck totaller, newfoundland ducker, and many other silly names Lol

    • Sarah

      Don’t you think the “troller’ maybe a pun? She’s “trolling” people?

      • Smartypants

        Agree, I think it’s a pun – although “newfoundland ducker” is a great alternate name too!

        For her next performance, Ruby Blue will entertain us with Lady Macbeth’s mad scene, LOL.

  4. Pittie Mom

    And the Oscar goes to….Ms. Ruby Blue! I think Tollers are beautiful but having never known one, never realized just how much personality they can have. She’s a kick.


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