10 Responses to “Vet’s comment was so NOT funny”

  1. marcia

    Bless you for being such a great person and dog mommy. You rescued Nala then ran her to
    the vet -just in case. She’s beautiful.

    • Barbara

      Exactly! We just left the non-emergency vet with a bill of $995. We all need to move to where we can 1950s vet prices such as this.

  2. Rockenschpeel

    I feel your pain — our girl downed a bag of dark chocolate today and had to go to the vet for a purge and charcoal. Total cost: $258. Hope Nala has learned her lesson about counter-surfing!

  3. wanderingisrael

    I put my plate down on the floor as there was a little bit of scraps but I also left a tea bag on the plate. My Chihuahua ate it all. Vet bill over 100.

  4. I love doggies

    My 8 month Lab is constantly counter surfing! Glad to hear she is ok.


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