16 Responses to “Welcome to BABY SHAMING!”

  1. Julie Koszelak

    Dogs are better subjects!!!! Spitting up , pooping, etc., is just not that entertaining. WHAT’S NEXT? GRANDMA SHAMING?

  2. Leslin

    I love your baby, but please confirm that this is April Fool day!!!!! 😀

  3. Mindy

    She is just darling! I think the baby shaming is a really cute idea and what a perfect April’s Fools event.

  4. Fran

    Your baby is adorable! Thanks for the April Fool’s baby shaming, cute idea!

  5. Amy Williams

    My nephew did that to me once. Yack!!
    What a sweet face your mini you has.

    This was a fun April Fools idea. THANKS!!!


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