19 Responses to “Who rescued whom?”

  1. tonya

    YES! I went hiking with two dogs, and came home with four. I kept the 4m/o puppy as both dogs seemed to have been abandoned in the woods. Buddy “saved” me from my linoleum floor, several shoes, papers, a chair, a commemorative Bon Jovi book, drywall, a bag of flour, etc. and still saves me from the trash bag every now and then now that he’s an adult.

  2. Stressfactor

    Awww, Sachi is soooo pretty. And I’m sure he(?) will get better over time. Rescue dogs sometimes take a little more time to adjust but love and patience usually in out in the end. Just keep on, keepin’ on Sachi’s parents!

  3. Tiff

    Aw my 2 are rescued & 1 never chewed ANYTHING & the other has chewed EVERYTHING! Maybe he thinks he needs more bones


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