20 Responses to “You know you own a chocolate lab when…”

  1. Robert Connon

    He risked his OWN health to eliminate something that you may have spontaneously ingested and poisoned yourself. What a brave wonderful dog.

  2. LauraC

    At least he was kind enough to throw it back up in the back yard, instead of on the sofa or carpet. 🙂

  3. carrie

    I have a black lab/Australian shepherd mix and she eats everything!!! What is their stomachs lined with? LOL


    I could never hide pizza or Italian bread good enough.
    My Chocolate Lab found it no matter what, every time. He never left a crumb behind either.

  5. george

    Could have eaten a bunch of chocolate. That is how you know you have a chocolate lab.

    My friends lab would carry around this old rotting mouse. Couldn’t get it away from that dog, must have been two months old, and must have tasted yummy. Didn’t eat it, just kind of sucked on it.


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