4 Responses to “Addicted to “Fluff””

  1. Dana

    We have a fluff addict in our house too, and we also misjudged the graduation time from the crate. Miraculously, we did not come home to a huge pile of fluff, but we did come home to a destroyed window blind. The crate with blankets and peanut butter-filled Kong bone (and NPR as the calming background noise) is just fine for hound and house. 🙂

  2. Corrupt

    She was just telling you that it was time to redecorate and that included a new couch.

  3. Jan

    Try just leaving her at home alone for 5 minutes and then working your way up to a couple of hours before going the whole day. Also take a margarine container or something like that and freeze a few treats into so you have a solid block of ice with nice smelly treats in there (I’ve used cheese, peanut butter and more traditional dog treats). They are so busy with the ice and getting to the treats they usually leave the rest alone.

  4. Susan

    Wow, even managed kicked the rug! And has a look that says “what’s the problem?”


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