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I’m Barley – a 2-3 year-old, 40-lb red heeler/cattle dog from Denver, CO, looking for my forever home! I’m a happy, energetic young man who is always ready for any fun activity! Leash walks/jogs – love it! Fetch – love it! Hiking – love it!
I enjoy the company of all people and dogs I’ve met during my stint with Paws & Co. Adoptions. I have yet to meet any younger children or cats but it is unlikely that they’d appreciate my active, sometimes rough, play so I probably shouldn’t cohabitate with such creatures at this point in my life. I’m a very intelligent pup and am quickly learning the basics of being an indoor canine family member. I’d love to take this training to the next level – maybe some agility or treibball (urban herding)?  Wahoo – I love new challenges!  Also, cuddling… I love to cuddle.
If you’re interested in a friendly, adventurous new family member, please email or fill out an adoption application on the Paws & Co. Adoptions website today!

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4 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Barley”

  1. Jan

    OH SO CUTE! Sorry about caps but I had to. I wish I could take him. But I have a cat and a small place. Hope he finds a great home.

  2. Smartypants

    So handsome…look at that laughing face! Hope he finds a wonderful new family.

  3. anzarquilter

    Wish you were closer. I Love heelers and its been a long time since we had a red on. He looks like a ball of fire and I don’t think that would work with my cats!


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