7 Responses to “Bedwetter”

  1. Spider's mum

    Thank you for rescuing Sasha. He’ll come right in time (promise).

  2. Lisa

    Poor Sasha. Don’t worry beautiful. You’re forgiven. You’re in a good place now.


    He does not mean to do it. Maybe he has a little problem ?
    Certainly don’t shame him.

  4. Bobnla

    Remember, a dog can only hold it for hours by months in age. 12 months 12 hours. And if was in a puppy mill, that may be all she knows. One rescue we had we praised every time he went pee. Then he peed on a floor vent in the house. Oops. We realized he had not had a no incident, only yess’s so he thought he was to pee anywhere. Try taking her out every 4 hours and praising her when successful. No anger though, just show disappointment if she has more issues.

  5. wvsandy

    Hi, Sasha’s mom here. Sasha has come a long way and is a great girl…although quite a handful! This photo, as well as her other shamings, are all done tongue-in-cheek. She is pretty stubborn, the Husky is her dominate personality. She was an outside dog that is now an inside dog, so she has a slight learning curve at first. I am happy to report that the potty on the bed has stopped… Thanks for the kind comments. You can find her on facebook…Lifewithsasha


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