7 Responses to “What did you say? I can’t hear you!”

  1. Angela

    Mia, you are adorable, and look properly shamed.

    Dog Shaming editor friends, those auto-run Expedia ads are less adorable, and seem not at all shamed.

  2. kristi

    My Sansa (also a Cavalier) ate one of my ear plugs on May 11th 2014. Found her in the morning chewing it like a gum!

  3. Jennie

    Yeah, Canines and Kitty Cats are the #1 reason Hearing Aids come back to me in ziploc bags, in very small pieces.

  4. Bernadette

    Look at those eyes and little nose! Sooo cute! Pretty comforter, too! Mom has good taste :o)


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