17 Responses to “Love Thy Neighbour(‘s food)”

  1. nportillo

    Way to go Chester, life is about opportunities and clearly you are after those men! Hopefully the neighbor didn’t decide to make hot”dogs” with you afterwards 😉


    It was the neighbor’s fault by teasing him with the smell of BBQ’d food.
    Chester was doing his job by not letting it get overcooked.

    Chester is a Hero !

  3. c

    He’s too precious to be in the “Big House”. How long is his sentence?

  4. Grumpy

    Chester gave his neighbor a great bbq story that he’ll be able to recite for years! His bbq is so good, that it makes dogs run away and come take it right off the grill!

  5. george

    Looks more like a coonhound or foxhound. My coonhound would steal ALL the pizza off the kitchen counter. But the turn out to be GREAT dogs. Noisy, but great.

  6. Aramat

    You have got to appreciate the skill. Got the prize without singeing an eyebrow. Try sticking your face/hand on a hot grill!


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