19 Responses to “No bones about it”

  1. Aine

    Very clever extraction Moby. You’d put those famous escape artists to shame

  2. Elaine

    well if nothing else, just took what Molly thought was rightfully hers, LOL….

  3. Deb

    I’m impressed. Now THAT is a testament to just how strong a dog’s nose REALLY is…LOL!

  4. carmen webster buxton

    There is a reason the US Customs Service uses beagles to sniff out food in luggage and packages! I find this behavior highly predictable– and adorable, just lie Moby.

  5. Lorna Draper

    Well done, Moby!!!! Leave it to a beagle to track down food.

    My late beagle Buttons found a 3X wrapped Christmas gift of home made shortbread. She ripped it open, ate what she could, dragged the leftovers up three floors and hid the leftovers behind the TV…for later. It was only when she got stuck (she was kind of chunky) trying to get at the leftovers did I discover what happened. That was over 15 years ago and even though she left me, it’s is a wonderful story I have shared with lots of people.

    Beagles Rock!!!!

  6. Aramat

    My dog always lets me know when the “man in brown pants who sometimes bring her toys” stops by. She can’t see any more, but she sure knows when a box comes through the door. She looks sad if I tell her it’s not for her . . . then I have to give her a treat to ease my conscience.

    • Suzanne

      Nothing like a sad dog’s face (or should I say, a dog’s sad face?) to loosen up the treat jar, and why not? Life is short, 🙂 …

  7. Molly Dick

    I have a foxhound named Moby and she has the same need to “inspect” packages. No doubt if there was something in there for her, she would find it.

  8. Joy

    My beagle Toby stole a box of chocolate covered cherries opened the box ate all of them but each wrap was still in its place in the he must have laid on floor and licked each one till they were gone he was so happy to show me when got home from work off to vet healthy happy lived to be 19 years old love those beagles have 2 more no boxes of cherries allowed


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