14 Responses to “Off to buy collar #6”

  1. Teri

    I totally love Dexter and Harvey, too cute!!! Get a 6 month supply, lol.

  2. stacey

    My Pit, Star, does that to my yellow lab, Jake. Every single time. This last time we got him a very thick collar that’s just a little to big, so now she just pulls it off over his head. At least she has stopped chewing them up when we gets them off.

  3. Kath

    My two dogs did the same thing. I spent a fortune on collars for Lola. So, one time I was at the One Dollar Store I noticed some collars and I bought 5 of them. I guess they did not like the taste of a cheap collar because I still have 4 collars and it has been months.

  4. vicki d

    Harvey looks so innocent while Dexter has a bit of devilsh gleam in his eye. Maybe try some Bitter apple no chew stuff on the collar won’t bother Harvey but dexter won’t like the taste. I had to do this to mine after she ate many collars. I’ve had the same ones for years now.

  5. Emma Eldridge

    Maybe just don’t use a collar unless you go for a walk! Seems like a simple solution. Lab’s and Lab X breeds can be tricky with things like that. He won’t stop doing it, so maybe you need to stop supplying the collars!

  6. DogMom

    I agree with Emma. No need for collars in the house. They’re soo cute and you’re truly lucky they’re such good friends.

  7. Mayhem

    It’s the same in our house! Our Rotten Rottie chews the collars of the Pitt, while the Shepard chuckles!


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