10 Responses to “Oh, you want to sleep here too?”

  1. Lee

    I have sitz and bishon cross and he little compare to your dog, and he is a bed hog too and he steals the covers,

  2. Dave M.

    Wait till he gets bigger! You should see how much room my Golden “Buster” takes up!

  3. Betty

    He does look pretty comfy though. I used to have a 12 lb. JRT and was always amazed that he could manage to take up a whole king size bed.

    • bluhare

      I was coming on to say my JRT can take up more of the bed than that . . . not only that he can do it from the INSIDE.

  4. madisonpage0208

    At night my 7 lbs maltese-poodle and 18 lbs Shitz-Schnauzer take the whole 3/4 side of my twin sized bed. By the morning, the former becomes my head warmer and the latter my feet warmer.

  5. Dr. ABC

    I have to ask permission to get on my bed. The border collie and pommie will grant leave easily, it’s just getting my pointer to give up my side of the bed. For some reason, he likes my side more than the middle of the bed.

  6. Jess

    goldens are just the cutest creatures on the planet 🙂 he looks very comfy


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