11 Responses to “Purse Puker”

  1. catie

    Aww, what a cutie. When my mom was bringing home her newly adopted 10 yr old Sheltie mix, little did she know he gets car sick. He puked in her purse too, a lot…

    • Jan

      I was going to ask what the scenario was that had a dog puking into a purse and now I need to know about what was going on when with the cat pee.

      • tj4vr

        There is probably a reason for the dog puke. The cat pee…she knows what she did….

    • Melissa

      Dog puke is temporary, cat pee if forever 🙂 …even after 10 cycles in the washing machine

  2. Lucille

    You can’t possibly be mad at a dog with that face! I miss our Boston soooo much!

  3. Jennie

    He just thought you were so kind to bring a barf bag with you for the car trip home.

  4. aramat

    You don’t like it when (s)he pukes on the floor, you don’t like it when (s)he pukes in an open container . . . you just cannot be pleased!


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