17 Responses to “Schnauzer Posse”

  1. Stressfactor

    They just wanted to help you plant potatoes in your garden so you could grow more and save money and then spend that money you saved on high-end dog treats for them….

  2. Buttons' Mom

    Hahah .. too funny.. They all look so alike, so shiny and well cared for. 🙂

  3. Dixie

    Having a silky Schnauzer too, I think we know this is not the worst thing they have ever done. My dog has raided the kitchen cabinets so many times we have to put everything up on the high shelves. Plus, he has destroyed 2 loveseats and 2 sofas!! lol


    The Potatoes had it coming.
    They should never have started a fight with ” The Three Enforcers ” !

  5. Grumpy

    Mom, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll give them back the potatoes.

  6. Judy ODo

    Sorry. humans don’t stand a chance against a three schnauzer posse……..


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