6 Responses to “Sgt. Scrapps Vs. Cesar Milan”

  1. nonya

    Funny… I have the remains of the same book that was attacked first by a cat, and in the past year lost a little more to my wonderful dog.

    • Sgt. Scrapps


      Woof! If only my parents took more photos of the things I destroyed before I grew out of this phase, I could have been on this site every day.



      • Scrappy

        Oh, Ive got you beat. When I was two, between in the house and getting out of the yard and picking neighbors flowers and the list goes on, I figured I had better stop when my Human Dad opened the front door and said “you don’t want to live here, GO, GO” I couldnt believe he just opened the foor and said go. Of all the times I got out on my own, now the door was wide open. Well, that was the day I realized I was being thrown out and became a good dog. Instead of running out the door, I went an hid in my room. Needless to say I am now 11 years old and don’t even go out of the front yard. Don’t ever want that to happen again. Yes 9 years now of being a good dog in my great home.
        Your cousing Scrappy.


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