6 Responses to “The Dogma of Digging”

  1. Leah

    You were just digging holes for her to plant her flowers so you wrre just being a good helper right?

  2. Shawn K. Colgan

    But, Mom! It’s so much fun!

    I had a pair of dogs I “accidentally” cured of digging holes. Their feet were muddy when they came in so I washed just their feet. The biggest was a lab/shepherd mix so I just washed his feet with wet paper towels (you would of thought I was torturing him). They never dug another hole (don’t remember if I did this more than once). But the really big clue was later when I’d let them out after a rain, Sam (the biggest) would only walk on the tufts of grass so his feet wouldn’t get muddy! lol


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