8 Responses to “This is why my mom drinks wine”

  1. L.G.

    My chocolate lab mix ate my leather recliner sofa. Then ate it about half a dozen more times. I’m not getting a new sofa till he’s out of this phase.

  2. banjokatt

    My sympathies to you. Our GSD puppy has eaten one futon, two upholstered chairs and a piece of new carpeting in the center of a room. The room had been carpeted just two days before.(She is just one-years old,) We continue to love her dearly, though.

  3. Corrupt

    Through your pain and expense I again have decided not to get another dog…. it is like childbirth you always forget how bad things can be and think it wasn’t that bad. Except for puppies keep reminding you over, over, and over again. I think I will just live vicariously through dog shaming! Your puppy was just marking his spot on the couch.

  4. Joan Franklin

    Thanks for the laugh! (Easy to laugh when it isn’t my dog-couch)


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