17 Responses to “Ummm, let me think, nope, no clue on where the green paint brush is”


    It could not possibly have been him.
    You have absolutely no evidence what so ever !

    Why is everything always the dogs fault ?

  2. Ann Y.

    Oh, that face!! Definitely one of the best photo/captions on here 🙂

  3. Dakota

    I agree with many, best picture! What an adorable face. Looks like a certain movie star but I won’t mention a name. 😉

  4. Bernie

    He told you the honest truth. That’s a YELLOW brush. You didn’t ask him where the brush for the green paint was, you asked where the green brush was. That one’s not green.

  5. vikireed

    dogs are color blind he really has no idea he even has the green brush so he’s really not lying, really mom…


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