25 Responses to “What the Huck”

  1. Daisy's Mom

    Oh…who can be mad at that face?!?!? He is SO precious!!!
    Maybe he is trying to train you to take the trash out more often? LOL

    • Michelle Nielsen

      Exactly! It’s not like he can turn on the soaps to watch or something. Poor boy!

  2. Cheryl

    Oh my gosh. That nose! Adorable. That face! hahahahaha Those lips! I think I agree with Alex. That’s a look of boredom to me. He needs a raccoon to tree. What a sweetie pie.


    “solidly locked baby gate”
    I can hear him laughing at that from here !

  4. Tricia

    lol you should be glad he didn’t do MORE after eating all that coffee!!

  5. Grumpy

    Huckleberry was trying to save those coffee grounds for the garden! That’s fertilizer you’re throwing away!

  6. Stylistinme

    Just a week ago this would have made me laugh, but last Friday my dog got in the trash and got his head stuck on a plastic container and suffocated. For that reason my trash will never again be accessible to my dogs

  7. george

    “Somebody” doesn’t like to be left alone!
    The worst mine does is just tear up a piece paper and leave it at the top of the stairs where I’m sure to fine it.

  8. A

    We have a Huckle ( short for Huckleberry) you’re very kind with the Suckleberry.


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