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  1. kmccreary60

    That’s the problem with having two dogs, you never know whom to blame. Although in your case, it should be too difficult; I imagine there would be a size difference. 🙂 I have two chihuahuas. So the only way I can even hazard a guess is by noting which one goes when we go outside. If they both do, well, then I might as well flip a coin.

    • kmccreary60

      Um…that should say – “shouldn’t be too difficult”…..wish there was an edit button.

  2. Judy Gonsalves

    We blamed Molly, our lab, for years thinking she was the one getting into the garbage. When she passed away we came home from work and found Rosie, the “innocent” poodle in the can. Guess we were a little unfair to Molly all those years.

  3. Ann Y.

    My 2 dogs are slightly different enough in size that I can tell whose poop is whose if for some reason, usually not feeling well, that they will go in the house. I do have to say that if that happens, neither one of them show any guilt at all lol.

    I love the Dane and Pug, different sizes, probably the best of friends!


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