10 Responses to “A storm’s a brewin’”

  1. NPM

    I had a dog who was deathly afraid of thunderstorms. She would try to dig a hole through the living room wall, every time. Best investment I ever made was her Storm Defender jacket. This site won’t allow me to post the link, so you’ll have to do an internet search. I have no connection to this company. Just a sweet baby girl who benefited from eight peaceful years after I found this item.

  2. LucysMa

    My papillon either lays or eats her own poop. Maybe it’s a Pap thing? 🙁

  3. Aramat

    And neither of them can figure out why they get a bath every time there’s a thunderstorm.

  4. Linda

    I have 2 that are afraid of storms, but luckily, nothing gross results. However, I live near O’Hare, and the new runways are terrorizing animals who are afraid of loud noises. They need to alter practice when kids are exercising outside for gym at the local high school (the noise level originally could cause permanent hearing damage to humans. OOOPS!) Now that school is out, there are no boundaries. Have you ever seen a 72lb dog trying to get between a toilet and a wall. It is horrible. Not looking forward to illegal firework season.

  5. Ridge's mom

    You could try desensitizing. Tape the offending noise and play it at a very low volume while giving treats and love. As the dog gets accustomed to that, gradually increase the volume. Do this a few minutes a day, several times a day to your dog’s tolerance. When the dog shows a bit of nervousness, back off the volume a bit. In this way they associate the noise with good things. Gradually keep increasing volume until you get to the same as the real thing. Then they’ll want to eat during thunderstorms!

  6. Juls

    ThunderShirt didn’t work on Bear. Vet prescribed a doggy dose of Xanax for him. It helps him keep calm during thunder storms and fireworks.


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